Thinking of some of my teammates as I roll out this morning!

  08:14 am, by teadough

SO GOOD. Reminds me a bit of Elliot Smith.

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11:22 am, by teadough 2

so good.

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10:16 am, by teadough

Professional Friday procrastinators. #DailySadie #pitsofig

  08:42 am, by teadough

Uncle Sam and Kush.

  01:26 pm, by teadough

Puppy cuddle puddle!

  01:06 pm, by teadough

Astor Boy and mighty sidekick. #bedhead

  11:14 am, by teadough

Did someone say, “walk?!” #DailySadie #pitsofig

  12:29 pm, by teadough

Extra TLC after a long sleepless night of hacking up a lung…and then some.

  09:31 am, by teadough

Afternoon break cuddle session. Everyone needs a de-stressor. I got mine!

  01:11 pm, by teadough